TONIC ALCHEMY was born out of a passion for health and wellbeing, a balanced lifestyle, a willingness to follow your heart and the relentless pursuit of quality.

Like many others in our modern times, TONIC ALCHEMY Founder, Troy Edyvean is a real life sea-changer.  After many years of working too hard in the corporate world, Troy felt a yearning to follow an inner nudge in a totally different direction to the trajectory he was already on –  armed with his desire to attain his goal for overall wellbeing, a more meaningful way to earn a crust, and better work-life balance for himself and his young family, Troy made the decision to start his own business – TONIC ALCHEMY was born.

TONIC ALCHEMY is a #dailytonic.  It’s a daily tonic that promotes health and wellbeing when taken on a regular basis as part of your everyday self-care regime and the quality of personal intention behind it.


“I like the thought that, through setting up a combination of daily habits one can actually transform into a better version of oneself.”

-Troy, Founder, TONIC ALCHEMY.