Exercising plays a large part in having a healthy lifestyle due to the many benefits that it brings to our bodies, physically and mentally. By making exercise a habit and incorporating it in your day-to-day life, researchers and doctors have proven that regular physical activity results in many improvements in your overall health.

Though it does wonders, it can also cause injury to your body if not done properly. It is important to take the time to allow your muscles to recover after each workout. By giving your body the time to rest and repair, you are preventing potential muscle injury that could happen in your next workout.

After a hard workout, you may have noticed that your muscles are sore or experiencing some pain. This is expected after working out because the body has been pushed past its normal level of exercise.

However, there are times when the muscles are experiencing more pain than usual. This is known as muscle fatigue, which is when the muscles are exhausted from physical activity and do not have the energy to perform tasks at a regular working level. This condition can worsen to muscle damage if the muscles are continually exerted beyond their ability.

A component in muscle injury is inflammation, which is your body’s natural reaction to added stress. A great natural source that helps combat inflammation is turmeric.

Turmeric contains a chemical called, curcumin, which has the ability to combat inflammation. Additionally, many researchers have even proven that curcumin fights inflammation better than anti-inflammatory medications! This is because curcumin regulates pain naturally without any side effects that accompany over the counter pain medications.

Why is curcumin so powerful? The reason behind curcumin’s anti-inflammatory ability is it can turn off the genetic factor that causes inflammation.

By taking turmeric after or prior to a workout, it will quickly begin to work towards preventing inflammation from occurring within your muscles and joints. As a result, workouts can be enhanced and you will experience less pain after exercising.

There are many ways turmeric can be included in your diet, it can be added through spices in your cooking, as a supplement, or via one of our Tonic Alchemy all natural, wellness tonics. #takeyourshot